Artist Statement


My work creates a space and opens a dialogue around materials and convention while exploring the landscapes of composition and color. I govern components, whether bought or found, to facilitate ideas of composition, color, light, movement, time, and even sound. My work also extends itself into areas of content that I had previously not considered: significance resulting from highly representational materials; duration of the work; the context of the work; the scale; and finally formal assets that complete and engage the compositions.

The source of my work is categorically rooted in two disciplines, ceramics and painting. However, in the realm of ceramics it’s the raw materials, such as Mason stains and glaze oxides, which play a larger role rather than clay itself. Concept and color in my paintings, have secured themselves, in fresh practices that explore saturation through an unexpected vocabulary; amidst a non-traditional use of materials I am negotiating.

My global objective is not to formulate a new methodology; rather it’s to take preexisting materials and modify them in such a way that new dialogues are initiated. I want my audience to interact with and consider clay, painting, and installation. I want them to see techniques as well as methods that call into question established and predictable practices, so that they are touched, moved and inspired by what they see.


Tara Horton Imagery

About the photos

The photos are examples of my current and ongoing projects. Some photos are courtesy of  Tara Horton Imagery